Sunday, October 11, 2009

I don't want to lose my home

The title says it all.... I don't want to lose my home.
Apart from asking people to send me AUD$1 each, I don't know what to do. If I did ask, what can I do for you that is worth the giving of a dollar. Repaying the funds I receive is of course without question the priority. But what can I do for you.

Because of the collapse in the financial crisis I panicked and tried to make big gains in the stock market. I borrowed against our home and bought spot gold. All was going well, had purchased the smallest amount which was 50 oz and it was in profit. This is good, so I purchased another 50 oz. Still going ok, price was now $900 per oz and I was ready to take a profit. Yes there was my weekly wage in 1 night, then..... zzzzz.
I fell asleep whilst the order pad was open, see it was 1.30 am in the morning. Instead of finishing the take profit and stop loss I fell asleep and bought 1000 oz jsu as the price peaked at $1019 per oz. I awoke from the sound of a little bell tht sounds when you place an order to sell or buy.

Panic stuck and I started trying to close the position from the wrong page. Price was dropping and the account was slipping into negative territory, eating into the funds I had put into the account. Soon enough the account was $35000 Aud less than I started with. The colour I am sure had drained from my face.

Stayed up all night, my partner came into the room in the morning to see me still awake and in panic. I didn't tell her.

Since then the bank loan has just been adding interest as I was using a lodoc loan, yes the very cause of the financial collapse. What am I to do, it is now one year on and there is only $3000 left in the account. The interest payment is now $3500 and monthly bills come to $2000.
My chest illness prevents me from working and the worry is making things worse. My daughter is finishing grade 12, how do I tell her I may not have enough money to pay for her graduation. Certainly do not have enough to help out with university. Centrelink is a bit late as I have not applied for unemployment funds as I thought I could pull myself out of this.

Well that's the situation I have put myself in and if any body has idea's on how I can raise Aud $5000 for the next month's payment and living funds please I need HELP now.
I will pay back every cent in help.

This is a true story and the actual state of my affairs as of October 2009. I will be in default of my loan and will by the end of November have to sell my house , and that is if the banks have not taken control by then!!

Does any one want to buy my $29000 car for $23000, it's now for sale.

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