Tuesday, April 27, 2010

116 Dunlin Drive - Time to sign

After weeks of interviewing agents we were just as confused as when we made our mind up to sell.  It's just not as plain as agents would like to tell you it is.

Benefits of walking distance of 20 minutes to the beach, 6 minutes to a major shopping centre and transport, 10 minutes walk to doctors, car repairs, tyre dealers, petrol service station, gym, pole dancing, solicitors. Do I need to go on. Needed some one as passionate of Burleigh Heads as we are.

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One point we covered in our list of Internet coverage and web site appeal.

Our thanks to Jaimie Massey for on the going support at  Robina Village Real Estate.  The only downside for us was web site appeal. The up side, they follow theJenman Philosophy.

It was at this point we noticed how many homes were actually being sold by another real estate to this point not considered. REOL Property Consultants. In particular interest was 109 Dunlin Drive which had a sign erected in the morning, then in the afternoon a "SOLD" sticker placed over the front. We contacted REOL for an appraisal and within a surprisingly short time the General Manager Brian Bowshire and Property Consultant Scott Campbell. I have to tell you that we were absolutely blown away by both Brian and Scott's level of enthusiasm and genuine interest in our home. They were excited about being shown through our home and praised all the features our home had to offer. Nothing was a problem at all.
All our questions were answered. Both Brian and Scott believed that our home was indeed unique and a direct comparison could not be honestly made with any other home in the area. With this thought they proposed auction as a consideration.

This was now a dilemma, to sell private treaty as both Jean and I agreed was our preferred method or auction as Brian and Scott and so many of the others proposed. Their reasoning seem to make sense, and especially as research showed that REOL Property Consultants didn't really believe in auction. Scott is a Jenman  trained agent also.

REOL has a positively wicked website. They have what they call REOL TV. This is extensive use of
You Tube to show case homes for sale, a very innovative piece of marketing and a very professional presentation of the house they are selling. And to add to that impressive feature they also advertise in a number web sites local, interstate and international web sites.

Jean and I took our time to discuss all the agents we had interviewed, the pros the cons. What we believed in, what we didn't believe in. The ultimate question we asked ourselves was who would do the best job and had been as excited as we were about our home. The answer came up the same every time we compared and that was REOL Property Consultants

We phoned REOL and both Brian Bowshire and Scott Campbell arrived, another unique procedure REOL believe in that top management are as involved as the property consultant is. Time to sign that contract 22A.