Wednesday, May 12, 2010

116 Dunlin Drive Time to show our house off

Brian Bowshire and Scott Campbell from REOL Property Consultants have just been so supportive through this whole process. We love our home and it is very positive and reassuring to know they feel the same way.

Sitting down together on the patio, under the umberella in the Queensland sunshine discussing the marketing plans they had enviseaged for our home was pain free and an enjoyable process. There were no time constraints, or was it that we all were just enjoying the view too much. They answered all our questions.

May 7th was the date set for the video and professional photo's.

Felt like a movie crew had decended upon us. Both the video and photo's were taken at the same time, we just had to stay out of camera shot and enjoy the behind the scene setting up.  The dialogue was set by Scott and Brian with the camera crew setting up the best shots to take, lighting, sound levels etc etc.

Wish I'd taken some photo's of my own, missed that opportunity big time.

These gentlemen work very hard, moving from target to target with the presenters in tow. Even the occasional blooper were enjoyable and taken to light.  Higly recommend if this sevice is available to have a video and photo shoot produced.

Matthew Lyndon Photography - published photo's of our home. - Home address for REOL
Brian Bowshire... REOL Property Consultants - Contact email for Brian Bowshire

Have a lovely day